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So have you guys come to this article to download Antim movie , then this article is only for you. The full title of the final film was The Final Truth. As far as the story of the last film is concerned, this film is not a movie with a story, but it is a remake of a film. I am saying this because in the year 2018, a Marathi film called Mulshi the Pattern was released. Taking the story of this film, changing it a bit and changing the characters, a new film has been presented in front of you.

Antim full movie download

As we told you above that the last film can be called a remake film because it is being told about its story that the story of this film is similar to the Marathi film Mulshi the Pattern film. First of all, you should watch its trailer so that you will know whether downloading Antim movie is right for you or not. The last film was first released in theaters after which it was released in OTT platform zee5.

Antim movie story in hindi

The story of the last film begins with a normal person Rahulya who later goes on a wrong path due to wrong association. Rahula is living a simple life with his family members. But due to someone’s pressure, Rahulya’s father sells his saree and land and works as a security watchman. After this, that Rahulya himself takes up a job at some place and from there he is humiliated. To avenge this humiliation, Rahulya kills his boss.

After Rahulya kills his boss, he joins the ranks of a gangster as he gets the head of a gangster. Now this gangster leader joins Rahulya with him. But after some time, Rahulya comes to know that the person to whom Rahulya’s father had sold his land due to pressure, is the same gangster. After coming to know about this, there is a fight between the two gangsters, due to which the other gangster escapes.

After this, Rahulya starts fighting with other gangsters. Meanwhile, the entry of Inspector Salman Khan is done because Salman Khan is playing the role of Inspector in this film. Now Rahulya has a fight with Inspector Salman Khan, due to which action is definitely seen. Now to know the further story of the last movie, you people will watch Antim movie download or you can watch without downloading Antim movie.

Antim movie details

The details are at the bottom of the final movie:

Theatre Release date 26 November 2021
OTT Release date 24 December 2021 (expected)
OTT Platform Zee5
Name of Writers Mahesh V Manjrekar
Siddarth Salvi
Abhijeet Deshpande
Name of Director Mahesh V Manjrekar
Main Star Salman Khan
Trailer Released on Salman Khan Films
Language Hindi
Budget approx. Rs. 40 Crore
Collection approx. Rs. 59.30 Crore

Antim movie casts

The names of all the characters that appeared in the final movie are as follows in the Hindi language below:

  1. Salman Khan
  2. Ayush Sharma
  3. Bharat Ganeshpure
  4. Dhananjay Mandrekar
  5. Shriram Pendse
  6. Glory Makwana
  7. Vijay Nikam
  8. Sandeep Juwatkar
  9. Rohit Phalke
  10. Mahesh Manjrekar
  11. Uday Tikekar
  12. Umesh Jagtap
  13. Sridhar Limaye
  14. Siddhi Dalvi
  15. Upendra Limaye
  16. Hussain Rahmani Manesh
  17. Waluscha de Souza
  18. Honey Yadav
  19. Rohit Haldikar
  20. Rajesh Bhosale
  21. Varun Dhawan
  22. shadow step
  23. Ganesh Revadekar
  24. sai manjrekar
  25. Sharad Ponkshe
  26. Nayan Jadhav
  27. Prem Dharmadhikari
  28. Sayaji Shinde
  29. Nupur Dudwadkar
  30. Jishu Sengupta
  31. Atul Kale
  32. Lankesh Bhardwaj
  33. Nikitin Dhir
  34. Sammy Jonas Haney
  35. Shashank Shende
  36. Ruturaj Shinde
  37. Sachin Khedekar

Antim movie download 480p

There are many people working in this last film, while their names have not been disclosed by the company. That’s why if you want to know how many people have worked in this film, then you can go to see this film. Because whenever this final film comes to an end, the names of all the characters and the people who worked will be shown. By the way, we have shown the names of the characters in the form of a list above.

Antim movie download 720p

Downloading Antim movie in 720p can be the right option for you because this quality is considered as average quality. As you would know that to download or watch Antim movie one has to buy some subscription pack from ott platform and this is also true. By the way , you will neither be able to download Antim movie for free nor will you be able to watch it. That’s why you have to buy a subscription pack from ott platform of zee5 company. You can watch only physics webseries for free.

Antim movie download 1080p

37 characters have acted in this movie who are playing important roles in this movie. However, out of all these, the roles of Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma will be seen the most. Most of the roles of both are going to be seen more because Ayush Sharma The story of this last film revolves around Ayush Sharma from beginning to end. While Salman Khan’s entry is not seen in the beginning of this film but mainly almost in the middle.


Downloading or watching last movie for free is illegal and there are strict laws in place for it. That’s why if you want to watch a movie then watch the movie from theater or OTT platform only so that you don’t have any problem in future. This website of ours does not promote any pirated website or content, nor do we ask anyone to download any movie from pirated website, nor have we given any download link in this website. In this website, we have given only information about the movie.

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