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Even though the film named Circus was released earlier also, but now the company is going to bring the film with a new name, whose name is Cirkus. So now before you download Cirkus movie , know as much as possible about this circus movie. According to the year 2022, a lot of films have been made which fall somewhere in the category of thriller and action like KGF Chapter 2, Pushpa, Brahmastra etc. Comedy was not inserted in all these films because the audience longs to see such films.

So, now your mood is going to be fresh because the company is bringing a new drama and comedy film titled Cirkus. Talking about the film Cirkus, comedy and drama have been heavily inserted in this film, but this film cannot be compared with films like Hera Pheri. Everyone knows that in films like Hera Pheri, only comedy is seen in full and for this reason Hera Pheri 3 is about to come. But to enjoy comedy in a new way, you can download Cirkus movie or after watching it without downloading it.

Cirkus Full movie download

For information, let me tell you that the film Cirkus is being shown in many theaters from today i.e. from 23rd December. But there are more people who want to watch Cirkus movie online or want to download Cirkus full movie and watch it. But friends, right now this Cirkus movie is not being released in any online platform like OTT platform. As soon as this movie is released in OTT, you will get the option to download Cirkus movie in the same OTT platform itself.

Circus movie story in hindi

The story is quite different from this Cirkus film which is a good thing. Four children who are twins. These two twins are taken in by a family each, one family being a resident of Bangalore while the main member of the other family is the headman who runs the circus. These two twins are given to these two families because these two twins do not have parents and they were living in an orphanage. The day before giving both the twins to both the families, the doctors exchange them.

Doctors exchange these two children in such a way that they replace one of the twins with the other twin. Even though these two children have now gone to two different families, but the thing to think about is that both the families named their twins the same as Roy and Joy. In the same way, both the twin children are living and after a long time, now they grow up, that is, they become young.

After some years it happens that the family living in Bangalore goes to the circus to watch the circus with their Roy and Joy. The circus to which the family goes with their Roy and Joy, there are already two boys named Roy and Joy in the same circus. Because as we told you that the family of Bangalore and the owner of the circus named their twins Roy and Joy. Now both the four children have come to the circus, due to which it is very difficult to identify these children. This is the reason why the appearance of twins looks the same.

For example, the appearance of both the children of the family living in Bangalore is similar to the children of the circus family. For this reason, a lot of drama and comedy scenes are seen in this circus. The special thing among all these is that there is a Roy who is called Electric Man because there is current in his body. Now, due to the current in Roy’s body, whoever Roy touches, that person gets a severe shock. Now what is going to happen in this circus film, you will have to watch the full movie to know it.

Cirkus movie details

The details of the movie cirkus are as follows:

Theatre Release date 23 December 2022
OTT Release date After some days
OTT Platform None
Name of Producer Rohit Shetty
Name of Writer Rohit Shetty
Name of Director Rohit Shetty
Main Stars Ranveer Singh
Deepika Padukone
Varun Sharma
Pooja Hegde
Jacqueline Fernandez
Trailer Released on T-Series
Language Hindi
Budget Rs. 150 Crores approx.
1st day Collection Rs. 8 Crores

Cirkus movie Casts

Below is a list of the main characters in the movie Cirkus in English:

  1. Ranveer Singh
  2. Deepika Padukone
  3. Varun Sharma
  4. Pooja Hegde
  5. Jacqueline Fernandez
  6. Johnny Lever
  7. Vrajesh Hirjee
  8. Siddharth Jadhav
  9. Vijay Patkar
  10. Garima Agarwal
  11. Ajay Devgn
  12. Murali Sharma
  13. Mukesh Tiwari
  14. Raj Vishwakarma
  15. Sulabha Arya
  16. Rachit Jadoun
  17. Sanjay Mishra
  18. Abhinay Raj Singh
  19. Brijendra Kala
  20. Uday Tikekar
  21. Ashwini Kalsekar
  22. Anil Charanjeet
  23. Match Talsania

Cirkus movie download 480p

If you want to download Cirkus movie in 480p then you need to buy a 480p subscription pack. But first of all it should be known that in which company’s OTT platform this Cirkus film is going to be released. Whichever company’s OTT platform releases this movie, I will update the name of that OTT platform in the above table in this article itself so that you don’t have to wander on the internet to know the name.

Cirkus movie download 720p

23 characters have played important role in this Cirkus movie but some of these characters are most important like Ranbir Singh, Deepika Padukone, Varun Sharma, Sanjay Mishra, Jacqueline, Jony Lever and Ajay Devgan. By the way, many characters have played important roles and we have given the list of their names in English and Hindi language above. You must remember one thing that do not download Cirkus movie for free because downloading or watching Cirkus movie causes loss to the company Cirkus movie download or watch only by purchasing subscription pack or ticket .

Cirkus movie download 1080p

As we told you that from 23rd this circus movie is going to be released only in cinema halls. As long as the Circus movie continues to be released in theatres, this film will not appear in the OTT platform of any company on the Internet. For this reason, Cirkus movie download can neither be done nor it can be watched online in the month of December. By the end of January or the beginning of February, this film should be seen on the OTT platform of one company or the other.

Circus movie download OTT

As long as the Circus movie is released in OTT, that is, for that time you can watch a similar movie like Phonebhoot . Cirkus full movie download is not available till the month of December but you can definitely download the movie from OTT platform from now on. According to the information, it is being told that the phone ghost has arrived on the Amazon Prime OTT platform. By the way, according to me, Cirkus film can come in the OTT platform of Netflix company.

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Downloading or watching Cirkus movie for free is illegal and there are strict laws in place for this. That’s why if you want to watch a movie then watch the movie from theater or OTT platform only so that you don’t have any problem in future. This website of ours does not promote any pirated website or content, nor do we ask anyone to download any movie from pirated website, nor have we given any download link in this website. In this website, we have given only information about the movie.

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