Double Strollers

Parents of more than one stroller-age child, you’re in luck. Double strollers are built for more than one child. They come in many forms. As with most other stroller purchase, first decide what you are looking for. Read on to get an overview of the types available.

Double or duo strollers com in side by side passenger models, tandem models, or one sitting and one standing models. If your children are the same age any of the models will do. If one child is younger than the other, you might be best considering the tandem or one sit one stand models as these would distribute the children’s weight more evenly and be easier to push. They also would have a better balance.

The side by side duo strollers offer interaction between the babies. Consider that interaction could translate into fighting. But the children do have the same view of their world.

Double or duo strollers come in every stroller type. Naturally, the umbrella strollers are the least expensive and lightest weight. Umbrella strollers are the sling seated strollers with the two curved handles. Many new Moms get an umbrella stroller for a shower gift. Let’s hope in your case it is a double stroller.

The trustworthy umbrella strollers have and do the basics. However, they lack storage space. It is either non-existent or at a premium. Double umbrella strollers fold up so small and are so light, you could almost put them in your tote bag. OK, maybe that would require a huge bag, but umbrella strollers fit easily in you car. The trunk, an unoccupied seat or even on the floor can offer an umbrella stroller room to ride. Their small size and portability make them a welcome stow-away in your car. Just tuck them in any unused corner, away you go, knowing that you will have your duo umbrella stroller at the ready when you arrive at your destination.

Double strollers come in the lightweight, mid- and full-sized models as well. This is type of stroller that will have the tandem seating or the one sit and one stand configurations. Of course these strollers are more expensive, but also are more durable than the umbrella duo strollers.

Parents often consider choosing a mid-sized or a full-sized double stroller because these stroller types are comfortable for both the baby and the person pushing. They have lots of storage for all the baby things. They are sturdy and can last through more than one child. Some even have a standing platform for the older child. While their features are similar, there are differences.

However, the full-sized double strollers’ bells and whistles can be well worth it as the seats can be fully adjustable. They have suspension that reduces the bumps from uneven ground. They have heavy-duty frames and wheels. Most full-sized duo strollers have adjustable handles that provide pushing ease for any size person. These full-sized double strollers offer wonderful comfort for the long shopping trip or the day at the zoo.

While the mid-sized duo stroller is not as luxurious as the full-sized double stroller, parents really like the mid-sized strollers for its ease of folding and compact size. Mid-sized duo strollers are perfect if you like to walk on hard surfaces, such as a side walk. They are lightweight but sturdy and easy to steer and push.

And then there are the double jogging strollers. Jogging double strollers are designed with bigger wheels, up to a 20 inch diameter, to minimize the bumps and shocks transferring from the street to the babies. They have sturdy handles so that the parent has a good grip to keep the stroller from rolling away, especially on the downhill.

Jogging duo strollers are designed with the type of activity they will be used for. What you intend for the double stroller to do, beside holding your precious babies, will make a difference on which jogging stroller to choose. How often and how far will you use this stroller? Does it need to double as your basic stroller for mall visits? Are you using it on sidewalks or cross country? Do you need it to hitch to your bike? How small do you need it to fold?

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