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The tech industry never fails to create new advancements year after year, that’s why it can be difficult to keep up. New programming languages are coming up and about – all with varying applications and levels of difficulty. With only so much time on our hands, it’s best to narrow down the programming languages that you want to focus on. In particular, there’s a programming language that has recently been making the waves — Golang.

Why Should You Learn Golang?

Go, also known as Golang, is an open-source programming language that was found by Google in 2009. It’s known to be as efficient as C++ while maintaining readable syntax comparable to Python. It is available in multiple platforms, contains a robust common library, and focuses on the core principles of software engineering.

And it doesn’t end there. First, Golang is a programming language that is in high demand, which opens many doors of growth and opportunity for you. Of course, a programming language developed by a tech giant like Google only means that it can handle massive traffic that applications generate. Yes, it’s scalable – and that’s why its use isn’t limited to anything Google-related. In fact, many companies now use Golang, including Uber and Twitch. With so many companies needing to scale up their processes, companies are always looking to hire Golang developers.

It’s a common notion that coding is difficult – well, that’s not always true. In fact, there are some programming languages that newbies can learn to get started. Golang is one of those languages that is designed for simplicity. After all, it was designed by Google to be simple and familiar. That’s what makes it a perfect programming language to learn for anyone who hasn’t coded before. Coupled with the job prospects that come with learning this programming language, it’s a no-brainer why one should learn Go.

How Do You Become A Golang Developer?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed if it’s your first time learning about this programming language. But that doesn’t mean that it always has to be so intimidating to learn this new skill. In fact, it’s a lot more doable than it sounds. So let’s cut to the chase – here’s how you can successfully become a Golang developer.

Master The Basics

This goes for any skill you want to learn – absolutely do not forget to learn the basics! The only way for you to become an excellent Golang developer is by understanding the main principles behind this programming language. To get yourself started, install the language and scout around the internet for learning resources. Or better yet, enroll in an online course to help you follow the right track. Take note that looking for a course with a certificate can boost your chances of your resume standing out.

Develop Your Software Testing Skills

One of the most crucial skills that companies look for in a Go developer is the ability to test your products. When testing software, you test for its usability and reliability because these have real-world applications. That’s why it’s critical to learn this skill especially when a company plans to scale up its operations. With this skill, you can ensure that all applications released would work as intended.

Learn Golang Libraries and Tools

The best way to learn Go is to fully immerse yourself in the world of Go. You must dig down to the nitty-gritty. That means learning about Go dependency management tools,  GIT, HTTP,  SQL fundamentals, and a lot more. And if you want to take it a step further, learn about the databases, frameworks, and libraries.  Truly, experience is the best teacher. Only by learning these tools, can you be a stellar Golang developer.

Know Your Design Patterns

To become a modern Go developer means expanding your knowledge on Go. Having some understanding of design patterns is definitely a plus if you want to stand out from other aspiring Golang developers. Design patterns are repeated solutions to common problems that arise during software development. Knowing design patterns such as creational, behavioral, and structural – all of which are relevant to Go. Learning these patterns can help you code faster, making you a more efficient developer.

Build Your Own Portfolio

Breaking into a new field is always a challenge for those looking to transition into their career. It’s common to find job postings that look for experience in new talent, but for career shifters, this could be a struggle, especially coming from a different field. There’s a simple solution to that: build your own portfolio. As they say – show, don’t tell. Creating your own portfolio shows any company that you’re a great fit for the job. You can build your portfolio in a variety of ways: contributing to open-source Golang projects, starting your own Go projects from a clean slate, and even completing online courses. The good thing about building your portfolio is that you can create anything you want – you can focus on web development or even game development.

Final Word

You see, learning a new programming language shouldn’t always be so daunting – especially when Go exists. The programming language is relatively easy to learn and at the same time, the job outlook for Golang developers is positive. It’s hard to see the downsides of learning Go. The good thing is that it still isn’t too late. So if you’re looking to become a Golang developer, the best time to start is now.

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