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If you have a credit card from Bajaj Finserv to your name. You no doubt enjoy the benefits of several purchase options, and easy EMIs. And you must be aware of the cash withdrawal, and instant cash loan facilities.

But are you aware of the Bajaj Finserv credit card reward points. And how to make full use of the service? This article will shed some light on maximizing your rewards. Making your credit card even more valuable than it may already be to you.

Read on to find out more About Bajaj Finserv Rbl Bank Credit Card Rewards

Learn About The Benefits Of Bajaj Finserv Rbl Bank Credit Card Rewards

  • Catalog your possible reward points. Make a list of goods, services, gadgets, accessories, spas and salons, movie tickets, etc. that Bajaj partners with. Making purchases at these specific partners will allow you to maximize. And pile up your points to avail discounts on future purchases. Keep track of the expiry date of your reward points! It is an utter waste if you bypass the last date. And lose all those valuable points accumulated over the year…
  • Vouchers – Bajaj Finserv credit card reward points also allow you to exchange them. For vouchers that can be use at many partner outlets…The vouchers are available in different denominations with minimum and maximum values, and you can target a specific value to work towards.
  • Cashbacks – Some credit cards also allow you to exchange your reward points for cash that can be withdrawn, or cashback to increase your credit limit. The latter is more common, with the partner brands wanting to encourage more spending on their outlets.
  • Flying Rewards – When you use a Bajaj card to book a flight ticket, most airlines, and partner booking websites or apps automatically top up your flying points, or frequent flyer miles, as it is popularly known around the world. For frequent flyers, this often means a couple of free flight tickets in the year, which can be used for personal vacation times.
  • For a Good cause – Some cards allow you to make donations for a good cause, with your accumulated reward points. This is a good option, especially for those whose organisations have issued them a credit card for official use. In this case, it might be unethical practice to use the rewards for personal benefit, and donations are a great way to make use of the rewards while keeping a clear conscience.

So Which Credit Card From Bajaj Finserv Gives The Maximum Reward Points?

  • The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard series is a great option, with up to 20,000 reward points as a welcome gift when you sign up. The amount may vary depending on your salary, and subsequent credit limit assigned by the company.
  • To avail of the reward points, you might have to activate your rewards account.
  • If you are unsure about how you can activate rewards, visit the RBL website, or call customer care at 022-71190900, to get help from a phone banking officer.
  • The SuperCard by Bajaj and RBL is also a great option for emergency loans disbursed in a matter of minutes – your available ATM withdrawal limit is immediately converted into a personal loan, payable over convenient EMI instalments.

Use The Right Card For The Right Purchase

For most of us who use credit cards in cities, we often use the card to fuel up our vehicles. Take into account that your credit card probably offers cashback on every fuel purchase made. Different cards offer different reward points for fuel services. If you use multiple cards, keep an eye on which card offers rewards and cashback on fuel top-ups, and use THAT particular card for all your fuel purchases.

Similarly, use the card that gives the maximum cashback and rewards on flight purchases, hotel reservations, fine dining, or movie tickets, and use the right card for the right service to best utilise your Bajaj Finserv credit card reward points.

Customised Gifts

Apart from the ways you can utilise reward points mentioned above, did you know that many cards also allow you to use the accumulated reward points to make customised gifts? You can either use the service for your own family, or friends.

Customised gifts can include gift hampers, photo pillows or coffee mugs, birthday cakes, flowers, T-shirts, handicrafts, dining vouchers, and many more. If the amount accumulated is sufficient, you could also use your Bajaj Finserv credit card reward points to order corporate gifts for your employees, colleagues, or clients.


Credit card reward points often go wasted or unnoticed in your busy schedule. Keep an eye on the rewards offered by your card. If you use multiple cards, use the right credit card for the right purchase to accumulate reward points. Redemptions can be made in many possible ways including cash backs, gift vouchers, frequent flyer miles, customised gifts, and dining vouchers to name but a few!

What is the one thing that makes someone use their credit card to make purchases? The majority of individuals would answer that you receive incentives for using your card. After all, earning reward points through credit card purchases in various categories is akin to receiving a gift. Both online and offline retailers accept rewards for the purchase of presents and other things. They can also be redeemed for cash. You can redeem more reward points the more you earn of them. The techniques listed below may enable you to increase rewards.

Decide on the card in light of your spending patterns:

Spending in a variety of areas, including online shopping, gas, groceries, restaurants, travel, and even movie tickets, can earn you benefits. If you frequently travel and your credit card does not allow you to earn reward points for purchases of bus, rail, or aircraft tickets, then it is useless to you. Always use your credit card in conjunction with your regular spending routine.

Earn Maximum Rewards by Spending on Selected Days:

Spending on a specific day or weekend will allow you to earn the most reward points. For instance, if a bank offers double reward points on weekends and 20 times reward points on grocery shopping every Wednesday, using the card on those days for the selected categories would be wise.

Utilizing the Holiday Offers Wisely

It’s not surprising that credit cards provide a tonne of rewards throughout the holiday season. At the time of Independence Day, Diwali, or any other festive occasion, you can utilise this method to gain the most reward points. When compared to spending on regular days, spending on such special occasions can result in higher reward point earnings.

Always Verify Your Reward Points’ Value and Expiration Date:

Your acquired reward points are useless if you don’t spend them. Reward points typically expire after two years, with a few credit cards being an exception. Always verify it to make sure you can redeem them before the deadline. Additionally, you need to be aware of the value of your accrued points, which can be as high as 1 per reward point.

When You Accomplish a Spending Milestone, You Can Earn Bonus Reward Points.

A few credit cards offer additional reward points when you spend a certain amount within a time frame that is predetermined by the bank. It may be $30,000 per month or $65,000 per year.

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