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It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover Book Review


It Ends With Us By Colleen Hoover Book Review this book was a total roller coaster of emotions because on one hand this is a romance novel and it had all the elements of a cute mushy romance but on the other hand it also was dealing with a rather sensitive and a triggering topic of domestic violence

so it was like i was getting to know about lily’s heaven and hell in the same story and these were two extremes and because of that it took me quite some time to wrap my head around that because it was like i was constantly swinging between smiling and feeling triggered but as a result of that what happened was that i was hooked to the story right till the end but overall this was a little bit unsettling i’m not gonna lie

so the length of this audio book is 11 hours but my preferred speed of listening to an audiobook is 1.25 and as a result of that the length of this audiobook became 9 hours and i would listen to it for one and a half hours every single day while doing my chores around the house like cleaning my space and washing the dishes story stirs a lot of emotions and it is safe to say that this is a cry worthy story it deals with love as an emotion The Immortals of Meluha PDF Download

it deals with love as a strength love as a weakness and on the whole there is a clear portrayal of the fact that loving someone is complicated and yet it is in the same love that one should find the courage to do the right thing this story has been narrated by lily in first person and i was legit living her emotions with her her mental dialogues and her inner conflict made me empathize with her and each and every character in this book aside from lily contributed to her story for me because she was the main focus

i am anyway not that keen on talking about other characters as such because the way this story pans out talking too much about them would mean spoiling it for you and i don’t want to do that i would like you to discover those characters yourselves so in case of lily’s character i feel that her reactions and her experiences eclipsed the presence of other characters at least that was my experience with this story so i did not get bored even once while listening to this audiobook every single day¬†Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Pdf Free Download

i would set a sleep timer of 1 or 30 minutes on the story tell app and the audio book would automatically stop playing after that time was up talking about the lighter aspect of the story it does have quite a few intimate scenes as you can expect from a romance novel so sometimes these scenes were definitely cute but other times i wish that they’d get over soon because they would get a little too detailed for my comfort so i had downloaded this audiobook on the storytell app

i mostly listen to it in the offline mode and after you have finished listening to an audio book on storytel you can review it using the emoji review feature and there are quite a few emojis to choose from to help you express your thoughts on the audiobook better it ends with us by colleen hoover is a story that is both beautiful and heart-wrenching

it gave me bittersweet feelings but at the same time it kept me engaged also the title it ends with us made total sense and honestly it turned out to be a lot deeper than i had assumed i got into a romance story after a long time and i’m very glad to say that it was not frivolous and definitely had substance.

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